Letters, poems, dialogues, confessions, short stories, scenes, snaps, and reflections.

About the Name

{BBK} was originally an acronym for a clumsy construction of a particular phase of my writing. It is now the moniker. I have thought about changing the title to something snappy and literary but we have been through too much now to change. I do not understand this space without {BBK} at the top.

About the Author

I am Métis from Jasper Place. I left home in 2009 to study literature. I miss the North Saskatchewan River valley and aspen trees and my aunties and my grandmothers and my parents desperately. I love hockey, smart women with dark hair, hard songs played with heavy guitars, well written books, and a stiff drink, not necessarily in that order.

I currently live in Treay 1 Territory / Fort Rouge / Homeland of the Métis

— tphillers


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