Baseball and the ’14 Blue Jays

As usual, the Just Passing Through guys have their finger on the pulse of the Canadian baseball fan.

Great stuff. One could do a skit like this for every Canadian pro sports team: hilariously gushing, kind of superficial, but perfectly self-satisfying. So I wanted to share this all with you on the eve of opening night at Skydome.

Even though I think the Blue Jays have a thin roster with suspect pitching and a pull-first approach to hitting that couldn’t get the job done in Senior Men’s Alberta baseball leagues, I can’t help but love ’em.

I watched the first game of the season at a bar here in Kingston. Made some fast friends at the ledge, a man from Boston watching the Red Sox on another TV and two young guys from Toronto wearing Brett Lawrie jerseys. I spent most of the afternoon shit-talking the Jays because I can’t really stand the way they play the game but that didn’t stop me from hopelessly scrutinizing every decision, pitch, swing, and step. And, of course, cheering like made whenever the offense threatened.

That baseball eye comes back to me in a flash. I saw instantly that Dickey’s knuckleball was flat and unresponsive. That Ryan Goins has trouble with in-between hop from the shortstop side. Edwin Encarnacion can’t hit outside fastballs. Jose Bautista doesn’t like being challenged with inside breaking balls. John Gibbons waits too long on some choices and not long enough on others. And that David Price, pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, has the kind-of veteran wherewithal to win a baseball game when all he has at his disposal is a fastball and maybe a cutter. I could tell that in less than 3 innings. The Jays lost 9-2.

But then they won the next two and are on the verge of winning a baseball series against the Rays for the first time in 20 tries.

Baseball, you gotta love it.


I am going to try posting more regularly now that it is spring. In the coming weeks, I will need BBK as a writing outlet, and will try to channel my thoughts through here. Expect a wide range of posts. Today it’s sports. Tomorrow could be literature. The day after a story. And the day after that something anecdotal. Whatever the topic, the frequency, I hope, will be consistent. Thanks for hanging around. — T



2 thoughts on “Baseball and the ’14 Blue Jays

  1. Ahh, that time of the year when a large portion of your posts make zero sense to me – baseball season. Well, I guess you have to have a team to be passionate about these days. ;) Always happy to read your words my friend! xoxo

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