Quack Quack Quack, Mr. Ducksworth

Game #43: Oilers v. Ducks @ Northlands Coliseum

The Old District 5 Ducks are in town tonight. Gordon Bombay. Adam Banks. Charlie Conway. For some, “Slap Shot” is the hockey movie of their generation; for others it is “Youngbloods.” For me, it’s “The Mighty Ducks.”

My entire hockey epistemology is structured on this movie. What do you do on a breakaway? Triple Deke. Who do you blame everything on? Goldberg (The goalie)? What is everybody afraid of? A defenseman with an erratically hard shot. What do you call somebody who is bad at everything?

A cake eater!

I called a co-worker a cake eater today. He didn’t get it. Some of you may have no use for these references or care to know about the rag-tag bunch of misfits who came together to defeat the heavily favoured Hawks to earn Pee-wee Hockey Championship immortality. But I do.

And you know what? I don’t care.

Thank you very much Mr. Ducksworth. Quack Quack Quack, Mr. Ducksworth!




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