World Jr.’s Roll On

Game #2 of Round Robin: Canada v. Czech Republic @ Northlands Coliseum

Not much of a post for the game tonight. The Canadians are good. Real good. It’s best not to ruin this kind of thing with over analysis or something. I will say this: Don Hay has put together some good line combinations, the team looks balanced. Obviously, that Mark Stone-Ryan Strome-Johnathan Huberdeau line will dominate any other line at the competition – easy peasy lemon squeezzy.

I’ve noticed that my readership has started fledging a bit. I’m not sad. I recognize that it’s the holidays and all that other stuff. But I promise you I have a post on a books and life in the works. I just finished reading Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises.” This has started an infatuation with the literary legend. It’ll be a long one too. Look for it soon.

Let’s do it Canada.


2 thoughts on “World Jr.’s Roll On

  1. hey i am still reading big guy!

    i read ‘the sun also rises’ just a few months ago, which set off a yearning to see the bull fights in spain. i look forward to your post.

    also, i owe you a real email, i know. it’s coming.

    and, that apostrophe in the title. :)

    happy new year!!

  2. That’s funny hurdy, I felt like drinking with people before noon after reading TSAR.
    And, I just like the way apostrophes look on headlines. They hold no grammatical value for me ;)
    I look forward to that email.

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