Impossibly Cool

Game #24: Oilers v. Predators @ Northlands Coliseum

One of my favourite blogs on the blogroll to the right there is the tumblr “The Impossible Cool.” A fantastic glimpse at what it means to be impossibly cool. Essentially, the tumblr is a roll of exceedingly cool pictures of  unbearably cool people doing supremely cool things.

For example, if you clink the link I offered you, today’s picture is of Miles Davis. In this picture Davis is taking a rest during a recording session. Surround by  microphones, recording equipment, a drummer hidden behind sunglasses, and  lecterns holding sheets of music, Davis sits – resting his trumpet on his thigh – with a look of impatient boredom. The coolness of the photo owed, obviously, not to the fact that even the greatest jazz artists of the day needed a break; rather, the coolness of the photo is in Davis’ look of impatience: all he wants to do is play. Indeed, let the man play.

Certainly, the legends of anything never like to sit still. Davis, I’m certain, has jazz rhythms and structures floating through his head as he catches his breath in a reverie.

At the tumblr it’s not just Davis – though the great musician is featured prominently. There are scores of others. The author — is it correct to call somebody who operates a tumblr an author? Perhaps curator is better — The curator of “The Impossible Cool” seems to fancy designers, actors, actresses, great athletes, and anybody who smoked cigarettes and was important in the 1960s. My favourite picture is of  heavyweight boxer George Tunney sitting on his porch reading a book (check the archives). And I am most smitten with the photos of the late Jean Seberg (pictured). She was truly adorable. Stunningly beautiful. She makes me quip, “They sure don’t make them like that anymore.” Though Natalie Portman is close, to be sure.

A couple weeks back my roommate had a birthday. He was nice enough to invite the whole house to a bar in the Mount Pleasant district of Vancouver. A trendy place called Whip. A hipster’s haven. So we went.

My roommate has a penchant to dress snappily. In fact, when we were recruiting a new roommate for the upcoming year, his reference encouraged us that his snappy dressing was a strong point. So far he hasn’t disappointed. He has actually inspired others in the house to dress better since his arrival.

So before he headed out to Whip I got dressed up in what I thought was some impossibly cool clothes. Running on inspiration from my roommie and the tumblr I felt I need to capture these moments in film, trying my best to make me look incomparably cool.

I don’t smoke, though I’ve thought about it recently as a way to up my cool quotient, nor do I play much music. The most cool thing about me is that I like to read, I think. If it isn’t that I read then it’s this blog and I’m not sure there is anything cool there. So I decided to take some pictures of me sitting on an old clothes chest in our common room, handling a book and a beer, and trying to effortlessly look impossibly cool.

What do you think? Pretty cool, eh?

I hope the Oilers look as cool as this tonight against the Predators. No Taylor Hall tonight. Should hear the results of his MRI either by game time or, more likely, tomorrow. Joanne Ireland tweeted today that Hall had no comment on his injury but his roommate Jordan Eberle said it’s not as bad as it looked. I hope so because it looked separated/dislocated to me.



One thought on “Impossibly Cool

  1. Pretty cool, but the Ikea chair and can of Canadian knock you down a few pegs, IMO. Location, location, location… Beverage, beverage, beverage. Who needs to give themselves lung cancer when you can just drink Old Fashions? Need to develop greater fondness for whisky, friend.

    Check out my favorite fashion/coolness blog: Witty and hilarious, with emphasis on timelessness rather than trends. Be careful though, b/c you could end up spending all your money if you follow their advice.

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